Lia Ices

Lia Ices released her last album, Grown Unknown, in 2011 which includes this fabulous soung about nature and destiny – Daphne. I felt in love for this tune because of its folks-country sonority. At some places, I was even able to hear some Emmylou Harris notes.

I think that Lia Ices, Brooklyn based artist, tried to communicate how our like values can swayed us. The song refers to the legend of Nymph Daphne that has been chased buy God Apollo (God of music and poetry). In the story, the cupid shoot Daphne with an arrow that incited to hatred and shoot Apollo with the one that incited to love. Since Daphne wanted to keep her purity and escape from Apollo sexual desires, she changed her body into a Bay Laurel Tree.

Enjoy this anthem to the growth of life and to the Spring arrival with the sadness of its fatality.



Thank you for sharing this beautiful song. I enjoyed it a lot.

posted by Mo on 03.26.12 at 12:29 pm

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